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Hotel 525

525 Apartments Los NarejosHigh-quality accommodations in Los Narejos

Accommodation with hotel services

525 Apartments Los Narejos, an accommodation option with all the comforts of an apartment and the option of using the services available at Hotel 525’s building (car park, spa, fitness area, children’s play area, etc.). All this in the centre of Los Narejos, Murcia, and less than 1 km away from the beach.

Hotel 525
Hotel 525

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Hotel 525

Apartments with all necessary amenities

2-bedroom apartments where every last detail has been designed to balance beauty with practicality. Enjoy the independence and comfort of our apartments without compromising on the services and facilities of Hotel 525, 1 km away from our apartments.

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Services and facilities

With 525 quality

Take a walk and enjoy all the services of Hotel 525 for free: indoor and outdoor whirlpools, pool, gym, ball pool, sauna, and much more! Our apartments’ building offers a free laundry room in the common area of the courtyard on the ground floor.

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Close to everything in Los Narejos, Murcia

Beaches, downtown and fun

Less than 1 km away from Playa de Los Narejos, in a centric location with a perfect situation to enjoy the gastronomy, the leisure, and the services that Los Narejos offers.

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